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Renacimiento y Barroco. Vol. II: De...

Renacimiento y Barroco. Vol. II: De Miguel Ángel a Tiepolo

Author: Argan, Giulio Carlo

Sapanish. Softcover. 387 pages.

Ediciones Akal, 1999

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The work constitutes one of the fundamental contributions of Giulio Carlo Argan to the field of contemporary historiography. Originally published within the framework of his great Italian Storia dell¿arte, it has become an indispensable document and reference for all scholars who want to delve into the world of the Renaissance and the Baroque with an integral concept of the History of art, a History that both delves into the relationships and social constraints of artistic praxis as it delves into the formal and aesthetic principles that inspire it.

ISBN: 9788476002445

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