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El queso y los gusanos. El cosmos...

El queso y los gusanos. El cosmos según un molinero del siglo XVI

Author: Ginzburg, Carlo.

Spanish. Soft cover. 297 pages.

Península, 2019.

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A key historiographical work that delves into the concept of culture and its different nuances.

Northern Italy, late 16th century. The Holy Office accuses a miller, Domenico Scandella, whom everyone calls Menocchio, of heresy. The defendant maintains that the world originated in "a chaos" from which "a mass emerged, as cheese is made with milk, and in it worms were formed, and these were the angels." Throughout two inquisitorial processes, the peculiar cosmogony of the accused is stubbornly opposed to that of those who interrogate him.

Starting from the analysis of Menocchio's beliefs —finally found guilty and sentenced to burn at the stake— and the judicial records of the case, Carlo Ginzburg reconstructs in this contemporary classic a fragment of the so-called «popular culture» -generally condemned as , to ostracism—which stands, due to its singularity, as a symbol of its

time and as a kind of missing link in a dark world, hardly assimilable to the present, but to which we are somehow indebted.

ISBN: 9788499424392

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