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Diario del viaje a Italia. Por Suiza...

Diario del viaje a Italia. Por Suiza y Alemania (1580-1581)

Author: Montaigne, Michael De. 

Spanish. Soft cover. 414 pages.

El Acantilado, 2020. 

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In the year 1580, immediately after the first edition of the Bordeaux Essays was published, Montaigne left his castle and traveled for a whole year through Germany and Switzerland before reaching Italy. Two hundred years before Goethe, the author attributed a determining role in his personal formation to his precursor grand tour: it allowed him to broaden his knowledge of Latin and Italian, and gave him the opportunity to discover places and customs that he only knew through literature . But the manuscript of his "Diary of the Journey to Italy" was only discovered and published in the 1770s before being lost during the French Revolution. This new annotated edition by Jordi Bayod recovers a unique document that is not only an inescapable appendix to The Essays due to the variety of topics it deals with and the digressive, apparently capricious nature with which it intersperses them, but an extraordinary precedent in travel literature and a manifesto of cosmopolitanism.

ISBN: 9788417902339

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