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Guía "San Juan Bautista. Tiziano"
Guía "San Juan Bautista. Tiziano"
Guía "San Juan Bautista. Tiziano"
Guía "San Juan Bautista. Tiziano"
Guía "San Juan Bautista. Tiziano"
Guía "San Juan Bautista. Tiziano"

San Juan Bautista. Tiziano (Spanish and English)

Author: Miguel Falomir.

Bilingual edition, Spanish and English. Paperback. 24 x 29,5 cm. 64 pages.

Published in 2012 by Museo Nacional del Prado on the occasion of the public presentation of Saint John the Baptist by Titian, after its restoration. Texts by Miguel Falomir, director of Museo del Prado.

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Saint John the Baptist by Titian came to the Museum in 1872 as an "anonymous Madrid School artist of the Seventeenth century" and it was sent to the church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Cantoria in the province of Almeria. In 2007 when the work came back to the Museum its study concluded that it was not a copy but an original by Titian.

The painting arrived in extremely poor conditions.  The magnificent restoration work over the last years has been completed and we can stand before an exceptional testimony of how Titian repeated his compositions. Also, the recent, outstanding restoration by Clara Quintanilla has recovered the composition's legibility by re-establishing the balance between the figure and its setting.

This publication provides information about this work and two more preserved Saint John the Baptist by Titian. Includes a text by Miguel Zugaza, former director of Museo del Prado, and an extensive essay by Miguel Falomir -at that time Head of the Department of Italian and French Painting (up to 1700) at the Museum and the exhibition's curator, and Director of the Museo del Prado from 2017-, as well as full technical specifications, bibliography and a booklet with the texts in English.

ISBN: 9788484802563

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