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Las colecciones reales en el origen...

Las colecciones reales en el origen del Museo del Prado (spanish)

Author: De Madrazo y Kuntz, Pedro.

Spanish. Hard cover. 240 pages.

Casimiro Libros, 2018.

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Son of José de Madrazo, Pedro de Madrazo and Kuntz, he was an academic of the San Fernando, History and Spanish Studies, member of the Council of State, lawyer, historian and art critic, founder of the magazine El Artista and, notably, responsible for the twelve official painting catalogs that the institution made between 1843 and 1893. Half a century of dedication to the study of the pictorial collections that allowed him to become a great connoisseur of the historical inventories of the royal collections that were at the origin of the founding of the Museum in 1818.

ISBN: 9788416868490

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