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El milagro del Prado. La polémica...

El milagro del Prado. La polémica evacuación de sus obras maestras durante la guerra civil por el Gobierno de la República

Author: Calvo Poyato, Jose.

Spanish. Fabric. 236 pages.

Arzalia Ediciones, 2018.

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The outbreak of the civil war not only radically upset the life and destiny of all Spaniards, but also caused a real earthquake in the historical and artistic heritage of the country. In addition to detailing the damage caused by the military actions themselves, the author recalls the fires and outrages that religious institutions suffered in the Republican area and focuses on the dark history of the Vita and the pieces of the Archaeological Museum. However, El milagro del Prado focuses on the greatest threat to the Spanish artistic heritage during the war: the survival of the most important paintings in the Prado Museum, taken for months and subjected to unnecessary risks that could have had a tragic end. . With his characteristic agile and direct style, Calvo Poyato places us in Madrid at the beginning of the war and immerses us in the vicissitudes to which perhaps the greatest Spanish treasure was exposed: the irreplaceable masterpieces of the Prado.

ISBN: 9788417241117

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