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Diez artistas y el Museo del Prado

Diez artistas y el Museo del Prado

Authors: AAVV.

Spanish. Rustic. 232 pages.

La Fabrica, 2020.

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What is the relationship that artists have with the Prado Museum? What influence have the hours spent looking at the works of art in its rooms had on your life? This book will bring the reader closer to discovering the experience - sometimes emotional, other lived from a more "intellectual" level - of ten artists with this jewel of universal heritage. In the year of the 200th anniversary since its foundation, it wanted to pay tribute to a place that has touched the sensibilities of millions of visitors. The company provided by the Prado has become, in the words of the artist Carmen Laffón, "a necessity, like when you visit your family."

ISBN: 9788417769420

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