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"The Three Mulattos of Esmeraldas" box
"Los tres mulatos de Esmeraldas" Metal Box

"The Three Mulattos of Esmeraldas" box

Metal. 10 x 10 cm.

Andrés Sánchez Galque's The Three Mulattos of Esmeraldas (1599) depicts the Arobe, descendants of black slaves who led an indigenous resistance group on the Ecuadorian coast. This practical little metal box, where you can keep small, valuable objects organised and safe, depicts one of them on a green background, dressed in Spanish gowns, pre-Hispanic ornaments, Asian silks and African shark's tooth necklaces.

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Product made for the exhibition “Return Journey. Art of the Americas in Spain”. Museo Nacional del Prado. Madrid, October 5, 2021 - February 13, 2022.

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