"Velázquez" 10 x Postcards Pack

"Velázquez" pack of ten postcards

The Museo del Prado owns the most complete collection of Velázquez's paintings in the world. Get to know it through this postcard pack, in which you will find a reproduction of ten of his most outstanding works, including Las Meninas (1656).


The pack reproduces the following works: Las Meninas (1656), Head of a Deer (1626-1636), Prince Baltasar Carlos on Horseback (1634-1635), Pablo de Valladolid (1635), The Spinners, or the Fable of Arachne (1655-1660), The Surrender of Breda (ca. 1635), View of the Gardens of the Villa Medici, Rome (ca. 1630), The Feast of Bacchus (1628-1629), Vulcan's Forge (1630), and A Sybil (ca. 1632).

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