"The other Renaissance" Oval ceramic...
"The other Renaissance" Oval ceramic...

"The other Renaissance" Oval ceramic plate

Ceramic. Oval. 37 cm in diameter. 

Useful for serving dishes and perfect for decoration. This ceramic piece is inspired by geometrical and vegetal details corresponding to the works exhibited in "Another Renaissance. Spanish artists in Naples at the beginning of the Cinquecento". Exclusively hand-painted for the Prado Museum by artisans from the Sorrento peninsula in Italy, this is a unique, signature piece. 


In 1982, Antonino Puglia, a ceramics enthusiast and artist, decided to set up a workshop on the Sorrento peninsula to revive the ancient tradition of Campania's artistic ceramics. Thus was born the Ceramica Artistica di Sorrento laboratory. The sun and the sea, as well as the most vivid colour palette of nature inspired by geometric and vegetal details combined with the ancient traditions of the Sorrento peninsula, are the themes used for the production of this limited series of artistic ceramic pieces.

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