Bolsa "Zapatos de Goya"
Bolsa "Zapatos de Goya"
Bolsa "Zapatos de Goya"

"Goya's Shoes" bag (Arte Down)

100% cotton. 22 x 34 cm.

Many of the full-length portraits of famous people painted by Goya that hang on the walls of the Museo del Prado serve to familiarise us with 18th-century fashion, and also with their footwear. This is the case of the shoes that have inspired this practical cotton shoe bag made by an artist from the Arte Down project.


The design of this product is the result of a collaboration between the Museo del Prado and the Fundación Síndrome de Down of Madrid. With its purchase you collaborate in the social integration, autonomy and personal growth of artists with Down syndrome in the Arte Down project.

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