"The Dauphin's Treasure" Foldable...
"The Dauphin's Treasure" Foldable...

"The Dauphin's Treasure" Foldable silk bag

Silk. 13 x 14 cm; 1 x 6 x 3,25 cm (folded). Manufactured by Jim Thompson Silk Company.

The Dauphin's Treasure is famous for its precious vessels, but the cases that held them, exquisitely handmade, are no less exquisite. Many of them were stamped with heraldic symbols that identified their owner, such as the dolphin that adorns this delightful folding silk bag with adjustable strap, is woven with silk, gold, silver and linen threads using the ikat technique, and is unparalleled in its exquisiteness and degree of preservation. Dry clean only.


The Jim Thompson Silk Company is the manufacturer of the finest Thai fabrics. In 2010 it began its collaboration with the Museo del Prado, for which it designed an exclusive collection of products inspired by the works of the Museum. Jim Thompson has taken tradition and reinvented the elegance of Thai fabrics, particularly natural fibres, in a creative model that it applies to items such as this one.

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