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Historia de la restauración en el...

Historia de la restauración en el Museo Nacional del Prado (digital edition)

Author: María Concepción García Cabarcos.

Spanish. Digital edition. 320 pages.

Second volume of the Bicentenary Collection, dedicated to the work carried out in the restoration workshops of the Prado since the Museum's creation in 1819, which makes it an invaluable contribution to the history of restoration in our country.

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This book by María Concepción García Cabarcos, an art historian and restorer, describes the work of the Prado's restorers since its foundation as the Real Museo de Pinturas, mainly on the basis of archival documentation. This historical journey concludes in 1970, when the first modernisation of the discipline of restoration in Spain can be considered to have culminated.

This volume rescues from oblivion the names and work of a large number of restorers, many of them hitherto completely anonymous. These professionals made a decisive contribution both to the conservation of the works of art held in the Prado and to the safeguarding of many others belonging to Spain's artistic heritage, which arrived at the Museum's workshops from different parts of the peninsula in different historical circumstances.

ISBN: 9788484805533

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