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La familia del Prado (Spanish)

Author: Eslava Galán, Juan.

Spanish. Hardcorver. 15.8 x 23.5 cm. 400 pages. 

Editorial Planeta, 2018.

​An enjoyable and entertaining review of the Spanish monarchy from the Catholic kings to our days, through the Museo del Prado paintings.

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​On the occasion of the Prado Museum Bicentenary celebration, Eslava y Galán publishes this book where he takes the reader on a journey through the Hapsburgs and Bourbons kings, queens and their spouses whom reigned Spain in the last 5 centuries. He dedicates one chapter for each of them.

He focuses on the most personal and domestic face, leaving aside the politic questions. We will meet their lights and shadows, adventures, misfortune and even their faces, thanks to the paintings of the Prado Museum. ​Thus, we find genetic problems, women used in marriages of convenience and only to have children, lost jewels, poisonings and a lot of lovers.

It´s a work where we understand interesting chapters and funny stories not only of the monarchy, but also of the plebeians, lovers, painters, writers and illustrious characters who lived with them. ​

ISBN: 9788408194422

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