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Los mitos en el Museo del Prado

Los mitos en el Museo del Prado

Authors: Carrasco, Marta and Elvira, Miguel Ángel.

Spanish. Soft cover. 17 x 23.8 cm. 352 pages.

Guillermo Escolar, 2018.

This book is the most complete and exhaustive study of the mythological paintings of the Prado Museum, written by two largest specialists in classical iconography.

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With a careful and excellent edition the book analyzes 90 paintings exhibited at the Prado Museum, illustrated with pictures lent  by the Museum and additional material as old texts. Each part includes brief introductions of the painting to analyze and their historical and artistic contexts.

The book is full of infidelity stories, lovers, wars and  revenges because the gods were granted by human vices and virtues. We need to understand the myths to understand the meaning of the paintings. It´s a work made by academic rigour but also enjoyable and didactic that mixes history of art with mythology and culture, reflected beyond the interpretation of the artists.

ISBN: 9788417134358

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