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La perspectiva como forma simbólica

La perspectiva como forma simbólica

Author: Panofsky, Erwin.

Spanish. Soft cover. 176 pages.

Austral (Grupo Planeta), 2018.

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The perspective for Panofsky is not a simple "external" or "technical" element of the work of art, it is not an insignificant assumption of the style, but, on the contrary, expresses, in its various configurations, its own essence. For Panofsky, classical antiquity made a representation of space that can be called "prospective", but which follows stylistic, and perhaps mathematical laws, essentially different from those of the Renaissance. This difference in the "prospectic" concept corresponds to the difference in the general concept of space, the foundations of which are expressed in the works of ancient scientists and philosophers.

ISBN: 9788490666067

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