Through this service, you can request reproductions of all the works belonging to the different collections of Museo Nacional del Prado, images from both the interior and exterior of the Museum or the archive of conservation material of the works, reflectographies, ecc.

The Photographic Archive of Museo Nacional del Prado has a large number of high-resolution digital files. All images respond to the maximum fidelity with respect to the original work and are periodically updated to be used in editorial, academic or commercial fields. 

Museo Nacional del Prado Difusión is entrusted with the commercial management of the rights of the images of Museo Nacional del Prado. 

Museo Nacional del Prado Difusión reserves the right not to transfer the images when such use undermines or generates doubts about the image of the institutional purposes that Museo Nacional del Prado pursues as a public institution. In particular, Museo Nacional del Prado Difusión will not assign the rights to use the images when they may compromise the image of the institution by association with its content. 

All the images belong to Museo Nacional del Prado except otherwise indicated.

General deadlines:

  • The response time of the Image Bank of Museo Nacional del Prado to the requests is 7 working days from its receipt.
  • As long as the artwork is already photographed, the order will be completed within 10 days after receiving confirmation of payment.

Taking a new photograph of the artwork implies and additional fee. For more information about the availability of taking a new photograph, the rates and delivery times for the new digital files, please contact the Image Bank of Museo Nacional del Prado at:

Free downloads for our website only allowed for the following uses:

  • Private use
  • Academic, research, private studies and internal use in a regulated education institution (schools, colleges and universities)
  • No profit publications with no commercial distribution, private websites, private blogs and social media
  • Self-publishing (in cases in which the author finances the costs of his publication, not finance them through a publishing house)

The granted permission for the images rights of the artworks belonged to the Image Bank of the Museo Nacional del Prado is destined to be used in projects based in the study of Humanities, where the professor/student is responsible to pay themselves for the reproduction fees, and cannot rely on editorial/publishing companies.

The image must be accompanied always by the following copyright: ©Photographic Archive Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid [date of publication/launch of the product].

Larger images/resolution

In the event that a larger image is needed for research or consultation (nor form commercial, advertising or editorial purposes), the cost of preparing the file is 65 €+VAT per image. In order to request it and make the payment, you must send the completed and signed form.

Images of works of art belonging to Museo Nacional del Prado collection on loan to other museums/institutions

To request an image of an artwork on loan, please consult the conditions with your contact person in the Museum’s Registration Area. 

See specific conditions for using the image for advertising uses at:

Request an image for other uses

To request an image for other uses than those described above, it is necessary to fill out and sign a form as well as pay a reproduction rights fee. Next you will find the procedure to follow:


  • 1. Fill in the attached document, with the most detailed information and signed it accepting the terms and conditions established in the form.
  • 2. Send the form to the following email address:
  • 3. Once we have received the form, we will send you a formal quote according to the fees for the use of the image.
  • 4. Once we receive the payment, we will send the image by we-transfer and the corresponding final invoice that confers the rights for its reproduction.

The conditions and terms established in the form must be accepted before it is sent.

Sending the duly completed form and accepting the conditions does not imply that said use is approved. The image Bank of Museo Nacional del Prado reserves the right to approve or deny permission to reproduce the requested image.

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