"The Spirit of Painting" DVD
"The Spirit of Painting" DVD

"The Spirit of Painting" DVD

Directed by Isabel Coixet. Produced by Miss Wasabi Films for Museo del Prado, sponsored by Samsung The Frame. Languages OV: Spanish, English. Subtitles: Spanish, English. 50 minutes. 5.1 / PAL. All zones.

The Spirit of Painting by Isabel Coixet reveals Cai Guo-Qiang's creative process during the production of his work for the exhibition at the Prado Museum. 


As privileged witnesses at his office in New York, at his studio upstate or at the Salón de Reinos in Madrid, we follow the way in which the artist faces the challenge of reflecting on canvas his intense dialogue with the great masters of the Prado, such as Velázquez, Titian, Rubens and particularly El Greco. Cai´s voice, intimate and emotional, guides us, through his thoughts and memories, to his own vision of ancient and contemporary art, in his continuous search of spiritual inspiration that characterizes his work.

Isabel Coixet, one of the most international Spanish filmmakers, follows the artist in several locations in New York and Madrid, to capture this dialogue between Cai and the great painters' spirit with beautiful images. Her powerful cinematic perspective shows us perfectly not only his research and experiments with gunpowder as a pictorial material, or the dense and magical smoke that follows the colorful explosions, but also his doubts, fears and desires, that reflect the fight of this artist to catch in a single moment, with explosions both controlled and hazardous, the essence of the paintings that we have inherited centuries ago from the Great Masters.

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