"Petals in the Prado" Necklace
"Petals of the Prado" necklace
"Petals of the Prado" necklace

"Petals of the Prado" necklace

Bronze. Handmade in Spain.

A delicate bud cast in bronze with a high percentage of copper, which gives it a beautiful reddish hue, hangs on this choker designed exclusively by Cristina Torrecilla, who was inspired by some of the flowers in the paintings hanging on the walls of the Museo del Prado.


This unique piece is part of a collection that aims to celebrate natural beauty. Designed by Cristina Torrecilla and materialised by Juan Carlos Quijano and Carlos Merino, artisans and masters of the art of metal and casting, it is inspired by the flower petals painted by different artists, especially some of the most renowned still life painters in Spanish art: Juan van der Hamen, Tomás Hiepes and Juan de Arellano. 

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