Orchid pendant "A Flower's Allegory"
Orchid pendant "A Flower's Allegory"

Orchid pendant "A Flower's Allegory"

Exclusive and limited collection by Patrizia Corvaglia.

Pendant. Blue.

Sculpture and design are combined in this exclusive collection of pieces inspired by the exuberant nature of The Sense of Smell (1617-1618), part of the Five Senses series. The result of a collaboration between Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Brueghel the Elder, this work is presented to the public restored on the occasion of the exhibition The Essence of a Painting.


A contemporary and colourful collection that recaptures the historical tradition while bringing a contemporary aesthetic to celebrate the pleasure and timeless beauty of nature. The pieces have been handmade using the ancient method of lost wax micro-sculpture, bronze casting and enamel painting, which gives each piece a unique nuance, effect and colour result.

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