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Paseos por Roma

Paseos por Roma

Author: Stendhal.

Spanish. Soft cover. 560 pages.

Alianza Editorial, 2015.

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Although Henri Beyle, Stendhal (1783-1842), owes his celebrity as a writer above all to novels of the stature of "La Charterhouse of Parma" or "Red and Black", he also devoted much of his time to written reflection on the love, art, beauty and social and political life. In these "Walks in Rome", written between 1828 and 1829 and edited as a fictitious diary with all the freedom that the idea of a walk implies, today's reader will find captured with strength and love the beauty and life of the Rome of that time, a place that today as yesterday still impacts the visitor with the same intensity. This selection has paid attention above all to Stendhal's aesthetic and sentimental relationship with "the eternal city", for whose visit –whether physically, in anticipation or in memory– he is an exceptional companion.

ISBN: 9788420688121

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