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Brujas, guerreras, diosas (spanish)

Brujas, guerreras, diosas (spanish)

Authors: Hodges, Kate and Lee-Merrion, H.

Spanish. Hard cover. 224 pages.

Libros del zorro rojo, 2020.

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“The goddesses, who once reigned omnipotent, were overthrown by those who wanted to transform them into something more akin to their own interests. However, the original personalities of these women continue to shine through." Witches, Warriors, Goddesses collects the incredible stories of fifty women of legend from around the world: from fairies and ghosts to vampires, sorceresses and voodoo goddesses. Among the pages of this magnificent compendium, parade the fierce Furies, the Valkyries or the hair-raising Medusa, but also other unique characters such as the White Buffalo Woman, North American indigenous spirit, or Yennenga, the ungovernable African Mossi princess. With a fresh and direct approach, Kate Hodges places all these heroines — demonized and reviled for centuries in the name of patriarchy and racism — at the center of the popular narrative through a feminist perspective of universal mythology. Harriet Lee-Merrion's illustrations, through a suggestive play of flat colors and delicate lines, deepen this encounter between the popular story and the imprint that these strong and inspiring women have left on our collective imagination.

It contains the incredible stories of 50 women: from fairies to vampires...

ISBN: 9788412152159

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