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Epistolario del Archivo Madrazo II

Epistolario del Archivo Madrazo II

Editing by Pedro J. Martínez Plaza (19th Century Painting at Museo Nacional del Prado).

Spanish. Hardback. 22 x 16.5 cm. 590 pages.

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This collection of letters is the continuation of the first volume, published in 2017.

It contains 389 letters written by the brothers Federico, Pedro, Fernando, Luis and Juan de Madrazo, and by their brothers-in-law Eugenio de Ochoa and Isidoro Gil. Its contents offer new and interesting news about the Museo del Prado, and about aspects as diverse as painting, architecture, politics, literature and social life in the 19th century, not only in Spain but also in Europe. 

The edition includes reproductions of the drawings included in some of the letters, as well as various indexes and complementary information.  It includes a fold-out with the family tree of the Madrazo family.

Its publication has been made possible thanks to the patronage of the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation.

ISBN 978-84-8480-577-9

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