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Momentos estelares de la humanidad...

Momentos estelares de la humanidad (Spanish)

Author: Zweig, Stefan.

Spanish. Softcover. 302 pages.

El Acantilado, 2012.

Classical work made up of fourteen small historical stories, by one of the best novelists of the 20th century, which reveals momentous moments that changed the course of humanity.

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Stefan Zweig, versatile Austrian writer, writes this work over twenty years. It consists of fourteen miniatures, according to the pictorial concept, a path between history and literature, arranged chronologically. He approaches the story as a narrator and playwright, attentive to the tragic conflicts in the lives of individuals and recreates them.There is a mixture oF feelings that occur throughout the stories, joy, disappointment, illusion, tragedy... of the different characters. The period covered by the book ranges from Cicero to the American President Wilson, passing through Goethe, Händel, Dostoevsky or Napoleon among others.
As a novelist, Zweig gets into the heads of historical figures, senses their moods, reads their souls, shows their splendors and miseries, and makes them more human.We face history with great respect for the truth and sources, but masterfully embellished with a very careful, vibrant and detailed literary language with which it manages to "instruct delighting" the reader.

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