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Author: Johnston, Hank.

Spanish. Rustic. 280 pages.

Alianza Editorial, 2022.

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As catalysts of collective concerns and interests, social movements were one of the tools that created the modern state and play a key role today in signalling the goal and direction of social change regardless of the immediacy or otherwise of their success. The Occupy Wall Street movement, the Arab Spring revolts, 15-M, the Zapatista movement and so many others are or have been expressions of social unrest or unease and, even as they fade, retain a latent potential to erupt. In this clear, comprehensive, thorough, rigorous and, of course, interesting book, Hank Johnston provides a quick overview of what a social movement is, what differentiates it from interest groups, its techniques and the most interesting debates related to them, as well as the decisive role played by ideologies and how they materialise their ideas through acts of protest. 

ISBN: 9788413626192

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