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Modos de ver (spanish)

Modos de ver (spanish)

Author: Berger, John. 

Spanish. Softcover. 12.6 x 19.6 cm. 168 pages. 

Gustavo Gili, 2016.

An essential essay for the theory of art and the visual communication written by John Berger, warning of the gaze manipulation and of what we see.

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John Berger, writer, painter, poet and critic of art, publishes this book in 1972, based in his TV program for the BBC “Ways of seeing”. He collects inside of its seven pictorial essays with the objective of making the reader ask himself questions about art standing in front of the painting.It´s focused in the moment when the viewer stops in front of it, feeling its attraction.                                  

He explains different paintings along the history of art pointing different sides like the origin of property, the use of woman as a pictorial objective, the relation between painting and advertisement or the transformation in the sense of the painting depending on the reproduction. Almost 50 years after its publication, this book is still valid for revealing the masking of art, even nowadays. A painting comes to the present when someone is in front of it.This interesting book changes the perspective we had about the concept of art and it makes us see it in a different concept.

ISBN: 9788425228926

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