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Dioses y héroes de la antigua Grecia...

Dioses y héroes de la antigua Grecia (spanish)

Author: Graves, Robert.

Spanish. Soft cover. 192 pages.

Tusquets editores, 2015.

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Robert Graves, famous author of I, Claudius or The Daughter of Homer, makes Greek myths available to everyone, young and old, essential to understand not only Greek civilization, but also to enjoy art and culture in all its richness. western culture. The entertaining stories starring gods such as Zeus, Hera, Hermes or Poseidon, or heroes such as Heracles and Perseus, are transformed, thanks to the mastery of Graves, into agile tales full of wisdom, sometimes hilarious, in a work destined to bring closer readers to such fascinating beings as the winged horse Pegasus, the beautiful Andromeda, the hunter Orion or the centaur Chiron, and delight yourself with narratives such as those of Seven against Thebes, Leda and the swan, Orpheus and Eurydice, or the ears of the king Midas.

ISBN: 9788490660843

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