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Defensa de la Hispanidad

Defensa de la Hispanidad

Author: Maeztu, Ramiro.

Spanish. Soft cover. 352 pages.

Ediciones Rialp, 2017.

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Ramiro de Maeztu (1874-1936), born in Vitoria, lived in Paris and Cuba before returning to Bilbao, where he began his journalistic career. Once in Madrid, he became fully involved in literary life and became one of the most widely read chroniclers. Together with Azorín and Baroja, he became the seed of the Generation of '98. In 1905 he went to London as a correspondent. In 1916 he published La crisis del humanismo, married and underwent a radical spiritual transformation. In 1928 he was appointed ambassador to Argentina, and in 1931 he signed his first editorial in the magazine "Acción española", where he later published his two most outstanding essays: Defensa de la Hispanidad and Defensa del espíritu.

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